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workshop expectations, marie gibbons

updated fri 20 oct 00


priddy on tue 17 oct 00

I would like to know both how AND why you make the work DURING the
slide presentation while I am looking at it.

I would like the demonstration to be responsive, tailor it to the group
as much as possible instead of it being completely preplanned. Prepare =

with a flexible agenda.

And I would like the discussion/critique to be on a real level, rather
than the cerebral plane. Leave the cold design theory for the classroom=

I just wish your workshop was closer to North Carolina.

I find your work truly inspired. There is so much there that I cannot
describe my feelings about it. Your work leaves me speechless, and that
is extremely rare. As a philosopher/artist, I sincerely respect you.

Thank you. Your website is most excellent.

Elizabeth Priddy

Marie Gibbons wrote:

> a workshop that is slide presentation / demonstration / discussion and
> critique format. =


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Marie Gibbons on thu 19 oct 00

Marian and Elizabeth,
Thanks so much for your feedback on workshops. I found what each of you had
to say very helpful and comforting ...... truley appreciate your taking the
time to add your 2 cents of what you look for in a workshop!! I will let you
know how it goes!!

(Elizabeth, thank you so much for your compliments on my work, and site :)
that also is very much appreciated, and .... I must tell you I share the same
feelings on your work!)

Marie Gibbons
Arvada, Colorado
sculpture in clay & mixed media

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