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take as much time for marketing

updated thu 19 oct 00


clennell on tue 17 oct 00

Dear Chris: I know your brother is a good customer of mine, a wine snob
and all round good guy, but I don't buy into your marketing theory. You
said you should put as much time into your marketing as your pots.
At any potters workshop I have ever given I always tell potters that good
potters don't have a marketing problem, they almost always have a
production problem. How to make enough of their good work to go around and
at the end of the day make a living. Make good pots, life will be hard for
awhile but before long the public will see that there is a loud heartbeat
in that studio.
Spend almost all of your time making better pots and word of mouth will do
the rest.

sour cherry pottery
tony and sheila clennell
4545 king street
beamsville, on.L0R 1B1

Chris Campbell on wed 18 oct 00

Tony -

You are absolutely right. I should have said to put as much effort into
learning marketing skills as you did in learning how to create your ware.
That does not necessarily equal putting in as much time.

You are too modest about your marketing skills... they are right up
there with the best. You have a great "story", a wonderful shop and the will
to make it happen.

And yes, my brother is a wine snob ( not that long ago, he would not
deign to touch Canadian Wines ) but nowadays, he buys it by the case and
shares well.

Chris Campbell