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updated thu 19 oct 00


Karen Sullivan on tue 17 oct 00

My thanks for the thoughtful response...
It seems that there is a tremendous amount of wisdom out there, I was hoping
to tap into.
I was perhaps in my whine mode, for which I apologize...It seems there have
been a number of role models for me to watch. Paul Soldner had a job
teaching at Scripps, he entered shows, he developed equipment, he conducted
workshops world wide. In other words, he juggled a number of activities with
grace and energy. I think the sense of his accomplishments are a combination
of all of his contributions to clay and his wisdom and knowledge.
In defense of my own path, I have spent the past 18 years working to develop
my voice in my work. I have a stronger sense of what happens when I make
things, there is a definite look, voice, sensibility which is uniquely my
own, or at least my interpretation of what I have been influenced by.
I also think I needed to process grad school, which taught me a lot about
art. Less about how to survive as an artist.

I do need to venture into shows more often...I do send slides often for
In fact I was accepted to the new Lark book that is going to be published
this spring on Handmade Dinnerware. SLOWLY...micro step by micro step I am
getting there.

I would love to start a community center of sorts. I have been teaching for
10 years, and have I think, some following...
Actualizing the visibility of my work into the world seems to be a challenge
for me, and I do appreciate your feedback, encouragement and wisdom.

I will try again to list my site, which is SUCAWS,

many thanks,
bamboo karen