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updated fri 7 mar 03


will edwards on tue 17 oct 00

Sometimes I may come off a wee bit bold but after going to shows and doin=
private galleries and being on the front pages of papers and speaking in
public, I have almost burned out my last few brain cells.
I do like to exploit the norm and the abnormal side of our arts world
sometimes through observations and strange statements that are simply min=
alone. (My very own looking glass)
Remember when airbrushing was so familiar at the beach and then Pigeon fo=
and then in every mall?
PC Beach now has it own airbrush booth in their super center at Wally wor=
So does Pigeon Forge's Wally World as well..
I suppose at the rate things are going they soon will have someone on a w=
there demostrating and selling imported pottery for 1/2 off and the potte=
stuff is marked way up but remember they will pay Wally world 60% most li=
for this great honor.
Shows will always need juried or marketed in an enviroment that protects =
artist or the circus will be coming to town right after the parade.
It is a decision for the seller to make when they are commiting to a show=
sale. Slides or no slides we all take the chance of monetary loses.
If we get lucky and our wares are up to par and on target with the arena =
we can try our best to maintain those venues and make certain they are ke=
pt to
a high standard.
I went to some for a few times and they were great and then suddenly they=
as sorry as the worst ones I had bad experiences with. =

It takes alot out of those who put these events on and so my hat goes off=
them. But please, remain seated till the show starts and no applause till=

after the ending. It always remains to be seen how well the staff and har=
working people have came together once more to pull off the show of the y=
Am I numbed by all this? Not anymore. there's always a chance to find the=
ones on occasion where they are still people who still care and the Wally=

World mentality is not their specialty! Just always beware of what they a=

Wm. Edwards

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Jean Lutz on sat 12 may 01

I just returned from another juried art/craft show and just can't believe
the lack of interest on the part of so many artists/craftspersons.
Why would someone go through the jury process, invest in a
booth/tent/display shelving, spend money on transporting their wares to t=
show, incur the expense of several nights logding and food -

and then
1. have absolutely NO identification displayed either in the form of a
banner with their name or even business cards.
2. not be in their booth to answer questions or have someone else manning
the booth who knows nothing about the work other than how to take money f=
3. make a customer almost beg to purchase something.
4. make it clear to the customer that the book you're reading or the goss=
you're exchanging with someone else is much more important than you.

I've encountered this over and over again in the past few years and it is
extremely frustrating. Several times I've seen work that I wanted to
purchase but didn't for the reasons stated above.

I'll get off my soap box now.
Jean Lutz

Monica Klement on sun 13 may 01

Hi Jean!
You are right with the lack of interests from the artists at the shows.
They are chatting with friends a glass of wine in the hand.
Beautiful merchandise, bad display, no identification, or information about
prices. Frustrating! BUT!!!!!
Not everybody has taste for display. It is a separate art. People think it is
not important, but it is VERY important, so is the identification and the
Artists think their art is talking for them.
When I had my trade shows with my greeting cards and posters, I did my
displays very carefully. My both was well done thanks to my husband who was a
displayman at Harrods at the beginning of his carrier. I learned a lot from
Him. I could do it later by myself. I enjoyed to CREATE.
As a sales person I was third grade or worse.
I never find the way between aggressive or timid. I was afraid to bother the
customer, in fact I was scared to chase them away. If I talked I was hearing
my own voice, and that was a strange sound, not my own. Sometimes I broke out
in a sweat. I tried to SMILE BIG usually, and gave them a card. Probably it
was my lack of English, being my second language, I never knew if people are
really understood me or just being polite. I still do not know!
For app. 20 years I had different businesses, restaurants, ladieswear shops,
display shops, and my greeting card wholesale business. I suffered for 20
years with the selling. As much as I liked the designing, displaying,
organising I hated the selling part of it.
It is ironic when my husband came in, the orders walked out. He can sell a
stockings with the hole in it. It is a special GIFT how to approach people
and usually artist souls do not have it. Look at the BIG artists they all
died poor.
Let's forgive to the poor artists, probably they feel the same as I did.
As the identification, it should be provided by the organisers, all the same
size on the same place, for a little money. The artists could put their
individual touch, logo or colour, only to a designated area. To have certain
RULES where to put the info, the business cards. I saw shows in Germany, I
find everything everywhere, and if I needed some extra info there were always
someone to give it to me. If it is a Show it should be this way, if it is a
Flee Market that is a different ball game, but there they cannot sell pots
for $300 dollars. We are living in the computer age it is not so hard to
prepare proper info, and it cost so little.
Love Monica

Wes Rolley on fri 1 feb 02

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Just one more comment on the state of Art Shows. The Marin County Art Show
was supposed to close its jury process on Dec. 15, 2001. I recently
received a letter explaining that the jury process was still open and that
they were still looking for more "good artists". So while artists complain
that the shows are being filled up with purveyors of schlock, it seems that
shows are finding it hard to find artists. These facts are probably

Wesley C. Rolley
17211 Quail Court
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

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Janet Kaiser on mon 4 feb 02

Don't tell me about it, Wes.

We are constantly looking for good, "new" (to us) and affordable work.
Artists and makers whine a lot, but when it comes down to expanding
their exhibition opportunities, they are just as heavy-arsed as the
next man/woman. Who signs themselves "Procrastinate now"? Well IMO,
that is the universal potters' motto!!!

They join guilds and associations to help promote themselves. They
then think that the Guild/Association will make up the deficit in
exhibition and selling opportunities... But then the Exhibition
Officers have to work hard getting their members to MOVE. Missed
deadlines, missing items, non-appearance at pre-arranged meeting
points, apparent disregard for any work being returned, total
disinterest in group exhibitions, never turn up at previews and press
opportunities, don't care to share their mailing list with the group
or the gallery... This list is endless. That job must be the most
difficult in the whole world! It is even worse than being a gallery

Janet Kaiser - Still laughing at Mr. Hluch's mail... FYI The President
of the British Society of Contemporary Art has resigned today... He
was the one who recently referred to Conceptual Art as "self-indulgent
and artless tat".

The Chapel of Art / Capel Celfyddyd
Home of The International Potters' Path
8 Marine Crescent : Criccieth : GB-Wales
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From: Wes Rolley
> Just one more comment on the state of Art Shows. The Marin County
Art Show
> was supposed to close its jury process on Dec. 15, 2001. I recently
> received a letter explaining that the jury process was still open
and that
> they were still looking for more "good artists". So while artists
> that the shows are being filled up with purveyors of schlock, it
seems that
> shows are finding it hard to find artists. These facts are probably
> connected.

David Smith on wed 5 mar 03

Anybody got any info on good art shows in Florida?

We live in South Florida.



Marie Gibbons on thu 6 mar 03

if there are any clayarters in the Naples Florida area... the end of March a
show will be opening at PLG ART in Naples... I have just sent off an
installation piece that will be included in the show...... 7 lifesize babies
that narrate the old nursery rhyme "A week of Birthdays" I would love some
feedback on the work, the gallery etc.

the gallery's website is
they have a map of the area - address - and a nice site to cruise.

marie gibbons