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slatelike glaze cone 6 oxidation

updated thu 12 oct 00


heidrun schmid on thu 12 oct 00

I use a metalliv , matt grey on the outside of some of my vases, it is
from a German Book on Glazes "Dumonts Glasurenbuch". It likes a good hot
cone 6 and does not run. The original is without the added oxides.

Nepheline Syenite 89.00
Barium Carbonate 10.20
Petalite 9.00
Talc 5.20
Lithium Carbonate 5.00
Bentonite 2.00

Copper Oxide 4.80
Tin Oxide 8.40

When I mix the glaze I dry mix the ingredients because the Nepheline
syenite setlles like rock at the bottom if put into water directly. It
helps to add more glaze suspender like CMC to keep the glaze afloat.
Without the copper and tin this glaze gives a nice crackle glaze with a
butery feel, it is semiopaque and reacts nicely with other oxides. When
the grey is sprayed over the base glaze the overlap is turquoise green.

I am sure the glaze is not foodsafe.

Heidrun Schmid
in Bangkok