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show application is contract to appear

updated thu 12 oct 00


E.G. Yarnetsky on tue 10 oct 00

Hello Clayarters,

We wanted to extend our cash flow by doing two back-to-back November shows
in Florida when I had a vacation. So we requested numerous applications and
tried to pick some that might result in a decent showing.

But in reading the applications we found that most of the shows stated that
an application is a contract to appear at the show if you are accepted and
that no refunds would be granted.

Not having several hundred dollars to throw away and we applied to just two
shows. We were accepted into one and rejected from the other.

We will indeed head to Kissimmee in November for that one show. But because
nearly all of our fall shows have been rained out we're wishing we could
have done two.

Now we're looking at making a return trip to Florida for two shows in March,
but again the stipulation that an application is a contract.

My question is this... up here in the midwest everyone we know double and
triple applies to shows on given dates to insure they have cash flow.
Obviously, the shows don't want to mess with filling vacating slots, but
with this kind of stipulation how in the world do potters manage to
guarentee a schedule? Due to the rainouts we just don't have the extra money
to throw around.

Any ideas?

P.S.- Any feedback on the Osceola Arts Festival in Kissimmee?

Jerry Yarnetsky
The potter's husband, no relation to the butcher's wife.
Mudcat Pottery
Madison, Indiana
The most beautiful rivertown in America.