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paoli family reunion clay show iii

updated sat 7 oct 00


Randy Becker on fri 6 oct 00

The Sugar River Gallery at the Verona Area High School in Verona WI. is
hosting The Paoli Clay Family Reunion Show III: A Tribute to David
Jacobs, from now until November 17. Gallery hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30
pm and by appointment. The opening reception will be on October 14 th from
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. For more information contact Randy Becker 608 -845 -
4455 or e-mail

Paoli Clay Family Reunion III Show List

David Aurelius,Wisconsin, -'Poplar View', stoneware, underglaze with ash
glaze, $450
Jeanne Aurelius, Wisconsin, - 'Beyond the Path', stoneware painted with
porcelain slip, sculptural relief and carved
vase, $2000
Randall Becker, Wisconsin, ' Wood Dreamer', woodfired stoneware w/ slips
and glaze. $200
"Wedding Jar", woodfired stoneware w/ slips and
glaze, $300
Claire Berger Bailey, Wisconsin, 'Menopausal Lady', $120
'Coming Out', figure plaque, $300
Brian Boldon, Michigan,
Karl Borgeson, Wisconsin, -Teapot, thrown/altered commercial and homemade
glaze raku-fired metallic leaf,
Bruce Breckenridge, Wisconsin, -'Madison #36', slip cast ceramic, $2000
Suzanne Breckenridge, Wisconsin, - 'Elvehjem', slip cast ceramic, $3000
Richard Burkett, California,- ' The Oval Dish' Anagama Fired Porcelain, $200
Sandra Byers, Wisconsin, - ' two carved vessels', porcelain, $300 ea.
Winthrop Byers, Wisconsin, - Platter, wheel thrown stoneware, airbrushed
copper, cobalt and woodash glazes,
Abraham Cohn, Wisconsin, - Large Casserole, wax resist pattern outside and
inside lid, $225
John Henry Cornelison, Wisconsin, - wood fired bottle, marbled clay &
porcelain, $40
George Cramer, Wisconsin,-' Magic Mountain #10', wood fired 04 clay,
underglazed mountain shaped, $850
David Dahlquist, Iowa, -'Head/Shell: Watermark', modeled and cast
head/ceramic, $3600
Chris Davis Benavides, Wisconsin, -' PerroPaPa', wood fired scuplture,
Waterville Kiln, $600
Bacia Edelman, Wisconsin, - Teapot, wood fired in anagama kiln, $700 nfs
Jeannie French, South Dakota, -'Moon Over the Fruit Ranch', stoneware
whiteware, handbuilt, slip-cast,
underglazes, slips, pencil, glaze, $1200
Verne Funk,Texas, -'Head', stoneware, multifired, $4800
Dennise Gackstetter, Wisconsin, - 'White house perched', red earthenware,
oil paint, milk paint, $250 nfs
David Gamble, Indiana, -'Tres Pescados Apestosos', wall platter, $250
Thomas Gilfillan, Montana, 'Platter #IV","Platter#V", stoneware, $375
Rene=E9 Gouaux, Wisconsin, - 'Design Cells', stoneware/wood/paint, $1200

Michael Gross, Wisconsin, -' untitled', red clay with applied figures,
vitreous slip and mason stains,
once fired to cone 3, $1800
Bill Grover, Wisconsin, -'A Whale of a Fish Tale', stoneware w/ acrylic
paint, $600
Karen Gunderman, Wisconsin, -'Spring Forward/Fall Back', 3 tiles, castable
refractory / porcelain with screenprinted
stains and glazes, cone 9 oxidation, $1200
Ruth Hansen, Wisconsin, -'Tall Vase', Pitcher and Platter, high fire
stoneware, $250
Curtis Hoard, Minnesota, - 'untitled',platter, oxidation fired, $1200
Norman Hoehne, Wisconsin, -'untitled' saltfired cone 10, handbuilt
&thrown, $400
Bruce Howdle, Wisconsin, 'Jockey and Horse', saltfired stoneware, $2100
Don Hunt, Wisconsin, -'Breakfast, Lunch and Supper', salt glazed
stoneware, NFS $200
' Balance', salt glazed stoneware, $900
Joel and Debra Huntley, Wisconsin, -' Oval Tray', 18" oval tray, ofredware
with yellow slip
trailing, $115
Chuck Johnson, Pennsylvania, -"Reliquary For An Apple', clay, $2400
Joanne Kirkland, Wisconsin, -'Reaching for the Birds', porcelain thrown&
slab altered w/ black & white figures in
glaze $600
Karen Estelle Koblitz, California,
Richard Kuhnen, Wisconsin, 'untitled', saltfired platter, $150
Marcy Lloyde, Iowa, -' Irimi-Nage', tea bowl, $300 nfs
Nancy Malone, Illinois, -' Salty Oil Can,' stoneware salt glaze, $125
Thomas E. Malone, Illinois, -' Sky Bowl', stoneware salt glazed, $450
Karen T. Massaro, California, -' Color for Louise', assembled slip cast
porcelain elements fired to

cone 10, underglaze, glaze, china paints, 3
parts, $1750
Ron Mazanowski, Illinois, -' Blue Door', piece with hanger bracket, terra
cotta/engobes, $450
Greg Miller, Wisconsin, ' Spirit Vessel Wood', wheel thrown and altered,
nangama fired, $650
Jeffrey Noska, Wisconsin, -'Three Bottles', wood fired, vessels and
pedestal, $500
Young Oh, Wisconsin, -'Heart II', ceramic, $2500
Charles Olson, Wisconsin, 'Untitled', porcelain cone 11 oxidation, wood, $15=
Ron Poniatowski, Wisconsin, -'Repair', ceramic building with figure, $800
N. R. "Rick" Pope, Montana, -'Untitled', stonware vase, glazed with a
shino, $750
James D. Price, Wisconsin, -'Interior Space", terracotta clay, $1200
Barbara Reinhart, Wisconsin, -'Mammal Balance', handbuilt lowfire ceramic
sculpture, $600
Don Reitz, Arizona, -'Vessel', anagama fired stoneware, $17,000
Paula Rice, Arizona, -'Figure with Fire', stoneware, $1500
Richard Shaw, California, "Book Binding", ceramic and slips, $2000 NFS
Corrie Scheel Rosensteel, Wisconsin, 'Roma Butterfly III and IV', wood &
clay wall pieces, $200
Elaine Scheer, Wisconsin, -'Xian', $700
Dick Schneider, Wisconsin, -'Duck Limited Vessel', stoneware with lusters,
Mark Skudlarek, Wisconsin, wood fired vase, $500 nfsDavid Smith,
Wisconsin, -'Torso with leaves', woodfired
stoneware, handbuilt $1800
Marcia Smith, Wisconsin, -'Do Not Weep', stoneware face form with
underglaze, glazes, homage to Steven Cranes
Poem "Do Not Weep", $540
Bob Steidemann, Wisconsin,-' "S" Crack', ceramic disc with stand, $98
Karen Terpstra, Wisconsin, -'untitled', stoneware jar woodfired, $600
John Tilley, Wisconsin, -'Teapot', woodfired, $75
Von Venhuizen, Michigan, -'Sugarcoated', slipcast porcelain and wood and
steel, $800
Kristen Walker, Wisconsin, - 'Dave's Teapot', woodfired with copper
handle, $200 nfs
Mike Weber, Wisconsin, 'Untitled', anagama-fired hanging wall vase, $200
Tony Winchester, Wisconsin, - 'platter #1', stoneware , $25
'platter #2' stoneware, $150
Dick Woppert, Wisconsin, - 'Porcelain Sculpture', slab built with carving,
slip trailing and sprigging with a
titanium matte copper glaze, $500
=46rank Zetzman, Wisconsin, -'Food Chain', painted ceramic wall relief,
alludes to the ecology system and
competition in the society, $2500