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need help with local reduction, please

updated fri 6 oct 00


amy parker on thu 5 oct 00

My youngest daughter announced yesterday that she wants to do her science
project on making red glazes in our cone 6 electric kiln. (Older daughter
made navy two years ago.) I have the CM articles on the local reduction
glazes, a big supply of gem polishing silicon carbide, and several
miserable attempts at doing this myself in the past (some grey bubbles, and
one teeny tiny patch of reddish stuff). I did not try ordering any of the
frits and compounds described in the articles.

If any of you have had any success with this process, we would appreciate
hearing from you, or if you have any notable failures that you would like
to share (ex: NEVER DO THIS!), we would also like to hear from you.

Please contact me offline if you would like to help my daughter. She
promises full credit in her research paper, and her undying gratitude.

Thank in advance!
Amy Parker for Kelly Heaphy
Amy Parker
Lithonia, GA