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medium for underglaze painting

updated sun 15 oct 00


Bobbruch1@AOL.COM on sat 14 oct 00

Dear Nan

I missed the original post, so I am not sure what you are doing with

I want a Matt surface, so I do not glaze on top of the underglazes. I add a
small amount of a transparent shiny glaze directly to the bottle of Amaco
Velvet UG. This seems to help with both the application and the durability
(maybe not the right word, but avoidance of cracking, blistering, pitting,
flaking, etc.). Amaco also has a (relatively) new product - a "majolica"
underglaze that produces a shiny and seemingly more opaque surface than the
Amaco velvets. At least, you don't have to paint as many layers to gain

Also, when I carve a design into the surface and paint in the carved areas, I
seem to have fewer issues with adherence and durability than when I paint the
velvet underglazes directly on smooth surfaces.

Even though Amaco recommends that one use the velvets on greenware, I am
finding that I can work some ideas better on bisquware now that I have begun
adding glaze to the underglaze solutions.

This may be different with another company's products.

Hope this helps,

Bob Bruch