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marketing work???????? rambling/long/...ah yes... a typo

updated mon 16 oct 00


Karen Sullivan on sat 14 oct 00

Thanks Cindy, there was a typo on my post. try the following

on 10/14/00 8:10 AM, Cindy Strnad at earthenv@GWTC.NET wrote:

> Hi, Karen.
> I tried yesterday and today to go to your website, but there must be
> something wrong with the link. Either that, or your server's been down a
> rather long time.
> I think you probably just haven't gone to the right shops. I've chatted with
> three former shop-owners from CA (they come here for refuge, and we love
> them, though we're afraid we may get the whole state one day--like CO), and
> they all told me there's fierce competition to "get a potter" in CA.
> "We never could get a potter the whole time we were in business. They're
> hard to come by."
> Now that you write, I wish I'd asked them what part of the state they were
> from, and taken more trouble to remember their specifics. At the time, it
> seemed interesting, but not relevant to me. Never having been to CA, I don't
> have enough of a 'feel' for the geography to automatically see a location in
> my mind when I hear the name of a town.
> At any rate, keep trying. Visit the galleries and gift shops. If you make
> quirky, ethnic pieces, don't try to sell them to a shop-owner in a district
> full of neon and smooth Danish styles. Go to the street with the African
> shops and the Pier 1. If you make work with smooth, modern lines, then check
> out the Danish section. Don't offer your pottery to just anyone. Wait until
> you find a shop that seems just right--you want a good home for your babes.
> And if your pottery suits the style of the shop, the owner is more likely to
> say "Yeeeees! I've found my potter at last!" Well, okay, maybe it
> won't happen just like that, but you get the picture.
> Someone out there wants your work, if it's good work. Heck, even if it's not
> as fully mature as you'd like it to be, someone out there probably still
> wants it. When I first started selling, I thought my work was wonderful, and
> I had been potting for less than 4 months--total. Clunky, embarrassing
> stuff. I still have people who ask me, "Couldn't you make it like this one I
> bought 5 years ago?" And I want to say, "No, no, no! Give-it-to-me! I'll
> make you a new one, okay? Don't ever tell anyone you bought this from me!"
> But they love it, so I can't.
> Don't get discouraged, Karen. Someone out there will love your work enough
> to support you. Just keep looking.
> Cindy Strnad
> Earthen Vessels Pottery
> RR 1, Box 51
> Custer, SD 57730
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