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jury fee hustle - letter - a middle aged, newbie's view

updated fri 13 oct 00


Beth Donovan on thu 12 oct 00

Hi, Peggy, and everyone else,

You have a good point to make, in that the costs for a potter to apply to
one of these shows is very high. As a beginning potter, who might feel
confident enough in another 5 years or so to attempt something like that, I
agree with you. As a beginning potter with gray hair and a lumpy waistline,
I found your comments about gray haired folk pretty darn offensive.

In business, I have found that short, pointed letters can make a tremendous
impact. Leave out the insults to those of us too old to be creative (that
is certainly the impression you give) and expand upon the emerging artist -
no matter the age. Not everyone blooms at 21!

Someday, in your dotage, you too might want to develop a second career!
(Even though I'm just at the part time, I'm saving for retirement, hobby
level, it would be nice to someday be good enough to sell a pot!)

Take care and be gentle to us all!

Beth Donovan
Leavenworth, Kansas (More than just a prison town)