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glaze test for sana green, cone 6, oxidation

updated sat 7 oct 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 6 oct 00

Source: Clayart Archives, Paul Lewing version (vs. Mish Lowe receipe)

Tested on white mid range stoneware body, 20% 0,02 grogg.
Fired to 1220c.

24 Custer feldspar
8 whiting
9.6 Colemanite
6.4 Strontium carb.
2.4 Manganese carb.
4 Kaolin
25.6 Silica

2.4 Tin ox.
4 Copper carb.
4 Rutile
1.6 Bentonite

Substitutions used:
Barium carb. for Strontium carb.
local spar for Custer

All amounts were measured up to next whole decimal.

Resulted in a smooth gloss, a bit brighter than pea green. Sugar snap =
pea green
Stable, did not run or move. Greenest where thickest, splotchy green =
thinnest. One pinhole where very thick.
Do not think it would be difficult to get an even layer with correct =

Personal: Do not like the color, prefere a brighter or darker green. =20

Best regards.
Alisa in Denmark