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glaze test for cone 6, oxidation ebony

updated sat 7 oct 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 6 oct 00

Source: Canada
Tested on white midrange stoneware body, 20% 0,02mm grogg, fired to =
50 Frite 3124
50 Bernard slip
Receipe used
50 local frit
50 Oldenwalder (heavily ironed clay)
Exciting to use only 2 ingredients. =20

Resulted in a highly glossy brown and black glaze that moved, but did =
not drip.
In center of test bowl, is a pool of deeply rich cognac colored brownish =
Pinholing where thickest. A lot of movement in the glaze surface over =
lip of the test bowl. Varied greatly depending on thickness of =
application from
streaked brown gloss where thin, to deep, pinholed cognac color where =
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark