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copper red -artificial reduction cone 10

updated fri 13 oct 00


Wade Blocker on wed 11 oct 00


Here is a recipe from Ceramics Monthly April ,54 which I have used
with great success on Kenji porcelain from Laguna, fired to cone 9

D.Perkins Artificial Red cone 8 to 10

Nepheline syenite 126.1
EPK 16.0
Zinc oxide 16.4
whiting 42.6
talc 12.5
flint 84.3
tin oxide 1.8
silicon carbide 600 mesh 1.2
copper carb 1.8

Beautiful warm red where thick, excellent for inside of bowls

Ceramic Monthly January l970, Littlefield

Artificial reduction #l cone 9 to 10 (I fired to cone 9)

Soda Felspar 53
Whiting 15
talc 4
zinc oxide 5
kaolin 6
flint 17

tin oxide 1.0
cu oxide 0.3
silicon carbide FFF 0.3

very good on Kenji,paler red than the Perkins recipe.
I only use calcined zinc.

If you have the time check for other recipies in CM for the above date.
You can always find back issues in the public library or in the library of
a city college.