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bailey wheels: buy buy!!!!

updated fri 6 oct 00


Andie Carpenter on wed 4 oct 00

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bailey wheel, and LOVE that if I want to I can speak with Mr.
Bailey himself on the rare occasion that I have any trouble. Also, they by far have
the best warranty I found, and I did extensive research before I bought. I even
called and asked if the warranty covered me just not "feeling one with the wheel"
once I got it, since I didn't have anywhere nearby to even look at one in person
before I bought, and had only ever used a CI wheel - drastically different design -
and not only did they say yes, but they also only laughed a little. Lou was the
person I dealt with during the ordering of my kiln, wheel, startup order of
chemicals, first set of kiln shelves, kiln furniture ... you get the picture. And
he had enough knowledge about EVERYTHING they sell that he never once steered me
wrong. Buy a Bailey.

: ) Andie Carpenter (in MD where the kiln Gods have been smiling upon me three
firings in a row)

SCOX wrote:

> Have any of you used a Bailey wheel? If so, what is your opinion. I am
> considering buying some for our new art school. Also,we had the
> discussion on teaching pottery to ADD children and adults. How about the
> unsighted. Has any one had experience in teaching them? thanks, Sue Cox
> in hot Florida
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