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alisa's cone 6 tests

updated mon 9 oct 00


Veena Raghavan on sun 8 oct 00

You absolutely amaze me! You are accomplishing so much on so many
fronts. I wonder whether you look like a whirlind in action with all that
you manage to do--so many tests!
I just had to tell you, and everyone else, how kind it is of you to
share the results with us all. This is one of the aspects of Clayart that I
just love, the generosity of many to take the time to share either their
techniques, glaze knowledge, results, etc., with others. But there are some
shining lights that outshine everyone else. You, my dear, I feel fit into
that category. Good luck with all that you do, you deserve the best.
All the best.

Veena Raghavan