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^6 glazes and firing

updated tue 10 oct 00


Joyce Lee on mon 9 oct 00

All the posts on ^6 Ox, Alisha's testing, and Karen's post on slow
firing and slow cooling have sure arrived at an opportune time for me...
as often happens with Clayart. Our Art League mentor program is in full
swing again and I've been assigned two mentees (actually, mutual
choice)... the same two I mentored last year. They both are obviously
geared for handbuilding and low to mid fire oxidation. At first, I said
that I couldn't fulfill these needs because all I've really worked with
is high fire reduction, but they're each so talented and such fun that
it's to my benefit to have them around my studio. So...... as I
continue personally working with teapot forms for months to come,
tossing in a day or so of extruded work now and then so I don't lose
what little I've learned about extrusions, I'll be reading ALL your
posts on low fire ox. I think that your posts, plus my extensive Clayart
file on ^6 glazes, will make all the proposed projects workable. We had
a 2-hour organizational get-together today, laughed for at least an hour
of that, but did manage to develop some great objectives for each of us.
I can feel my enthusiasm for each of the projects gearing up!!! Will try
to incorporate some raku, too, before next June when the program is

I have to tell you one source of much giggling..... one mentee who is
70... attended a 40s dance this weekend and WON the Betty Grable
Legs Contest....... competing with 30 much, much, much younger
women...decades younger ... to the total embarrassment of her 74 year
old husband who is contemplating a move to New Zealand, anyhow .... says
now that he just might make the move alone! Now, how many clayarters
have the good fortune to mentor such a one as she......?????

In the Mojave recalling that Sylvia in Kansas, who helped with the
program all last year and whom I miss very much, knows exactly which
mentee had the nerve or desire to enter such a contest ... will send
newspaper clipping when it's printed, S. ...... and, S., Dorie's Snake
Wall turned out great in Pinnell's Red and Soft White at ^10.