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: medium for underglaze painting

updated sat 14 oct 00


iandol on thu 12 oct 00

Dear Nan

I mix up a strong solution of Gum Acacia with water, one that is really =
syrupy. Alternatives would be gum Arabic or gum tragacanth. This acts as =
a binder. It is diluted until it flows well from the brush and then I =
add about one volume in ten of glycerine which acts as a humectant, =
retarding drying. It also helps to improve flow from the brush and =
assists in the painting of fine lines. I mull my colours in this =
solution on a white tile with a flat stainless palette knife. Using the =
white tile also helps with blending hues to get precise colour =
requirements for photo realist style work. Don=92t forget to add some =
flux to the mixture to help with adhesion when bisque firing. Since I =
will use a clear glaze made with Soda felspar I add about 5 - 10% by =
volume of this to the dry pigment. Since it will not be opaque when =
fired and has a low level of impurities the colours are not degraded.

Hope that is the information you require.

Ivor Lewis, Redhill, South Australia.