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$10 cone pack

updated mon 16 oct 00


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on sun 15 oct 00

Well i did it, i sold a cone pack for $10. I make my cone packs into lizards,
alligators or dragons.Ive been bringing cone packs to shows for awhile.I
started to make lizards cone packs a few years ago.I tell people they are not
for sale just for education about firing. A friend of a friend finally talked
me into selling the pack at a show. if i had brought all of them i would have
sold all of them.Different people say they look like dragons etc.
I can see where i will have to fire whole kilns of cone packs , the heck with
making pots.They need no glaze .
scarey huh??

Capt Mark on top of Lookout Moutain