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technique- handles. another value judgement?

updated sat 30 sep 00


iandol on thu 28 sep 00

From: Martin Howard <>

Subject: Re: technique- Handles

better than extruding them?>

Not having an extruder I do not have the means to make samples using =
each process and then examine flow patterns so that a comparison can be =
made between these two manufacturing styles.

However, I think the question contains an assumption which needs =
clarification before any work is done to establish facts. The assumption =
is that pulling a handle is a process of extending clay by tension =
whereas pushing the clay through the die of an extruder is caused by =
compression. Then draw the conclusion that they will have differing =
structures which will give differing mechanical qualities.

The second point always arrises when comparative terms are introduced. =
What does "better=92 mean. Stronger? Having greater elegance? Consistent =
with the design of the body to which it is appended? Pleasing to use?.=20

There are other aspects of technical research which could be considered. =
But I suspect that our common or mutual understanding of the behaviour =
of clay may not even be a broad approximation of the truth.

Now my quick answer is that for most Pottery Designers this would be a =
value judgement call. Handles pulled from the body can be made to look =
as though they grow out as elegantly as a tendril from a vine. =
Furthermore, they show the cunning marks of their maker. Extrusions =
always show the uniform markings of the die they are drawn through.=20

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia