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mild education rant

updated sat 30 sep 00


priddy on fri 29 sep 00

Charles wrote:
>... Production pottery was fine with the condition that the potter took
> their time to make each pots design special and beyond what a minimally=

> trained person could do. =

mild education rant:

with any other topic in school, they teach it incrementally, ie minimal
training first and then higher learning. Take math for instance: numbers=
addition/subraction, arithmetic, geometry, trig, then calculus. The calc=
is truly analagous to the design of good pots/art. And yet they start th=
and have you figure the arithmetic out for yourself! (If you don't teach =
way, THANK YOU!) In math and pottery, this is an idiotic model of educat=
(yes, I really meant to be that harsh about it, with apologies all round =
sweet harmless idiots out there). You need programs that only give you a=
the basics until you "get" that(however long that is, it could be a short=

time...), and then let you begin to fly. If you can't get the basics, yo=
"creative" work can never be fully realized. This is just one teachers
opinion, having been schooled the idiotic way and learned the right way. =

Design school was strange. Production pottery life involved proving each=
until I was promoted to design work. Guess which one "took"? Just one

respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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