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kiln needed

updated wed 30 apr 03


Wendy Neilson on fri 29 sep 00

A friend's kiln has bitten the dust. She is in urgent need.
If you have an electric kiln for sale, in reasonable to great shape and =
live in or near Victoria British Columbia contact =
Many thanks........

=?iso-8859-1?B?R+lyYXJkIENhcnJp6HJl?= on mon 28 apr 03

Needed: second hand electric kiln

to replace kilns lost in shop fire. Kiln to be installed temporarily in =
small metal shed, so looking for inexpensive but still reliable =
equipment with kiln shelves and furniture. Call G=E9rard with specs at =
705-898-3432. Living 55 miles from Sudbury, Ontario but willing to have =
kiln picked up as far as Toronto.