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updated sat 30 sep 00


Jeff Campana on thu 28 sep 00

Chris Clarke:

I'm not one of those overly PC types, but really, why does AGE come in to the
picture at all?
Now to be truthful, I am not even over twenty, yet some at least would say that my
input, as little as it may be, is profound and not at all childish, however, in
your criticisms, you sound like the "little over 20" "Bullsh*t college student"
model that you are trying to criticize.

Meanwhile, I doubt Hal Mc Whinnie is "little over twenty". I think your little
tantrum was ill aimed, and I caught the blow square in the face. I am the only
"teen" on clayart to my knowledge, and using my age as an insult to someone else
(who probably isn't nearly as young as me) is not nearly as Mature and Wise as you
seem to think you are (but do not act like).

Age discrimination is one of the often overlooked problems in our world, and is
every bit as horrible and unjust as racism, sexism, etc... But no one ever fights
it because it is the one oppression that every one will grow out of, because we
all get older, thus not young and selfish, childish, stupid, incompetent,
untrustworthy, "stealing" etc... Please stop generalizing young people into those
categories because, really, it all depends on a person's personality, NOT AGE!

Pissed off in Wisconsin,

Jeff Campana

P.S. If the artist is DEAD, (as in no longer existing) why would they care?
Here's my permission, save this for the courts later. After I die, everyone has
permission to take MOLDS from my art and sell the reproductions as their own, I
don't really care......

And for the religious people, looking down from heaven(or Dhamma or the Great
Studio in the Sky), also, why would you care? What is lost to you by someone
"stealing your idea" after you die? In an afterlife situation, worldly life would
be trivial, your life here on earth would be just a ticket into another better
place, right? Point being, why do you need "rights" when you are dead?

We have to think about why we do art in the first place, is it so someone
remembers you after you die? building a reputation, getting into the history
books, post mortem(after death) fame? Do you think your soul can inhabit your
pottery? The only reason I have for making art is that everything else in my life
is bland in comparison. The only time i feel truly alive is when my hands are in
clay, or on charcoal, and I am oblivious to the world outside the studio.

Sorry, the philosophy minor in me broke out again...always when I'm mad.....Though
it might appear so to some, my harsh words are in no way meant to attack anyone's
personal beliefs about religion/afterlife. We are all equally as wrong as each
other on that subject ;) I am simply trying to provoke some sort of insightful
feedback here. and please, I don't wanna hear anything from those "Bullsh*t Twenty
year olds!"

Chris Clarke wrote:

> How can you say you have special rights? Your rights supercedes no one. My
> rights are the same as yours and I don't have the right to STEAL from other
> artists. Yes I said steal, but your broad statement about how your rights
> supercede others is just like the bullsh.t I heard in college. I would not
> be surprised if you are little more than 20.
> chris clarke
> Temecula, CA
> look again
> > my whole argument is that i have an absolute right as an artists to be
> able
> > to make use of all that has gone before.
> >
> > this righat supersedes any local or national law.
> >