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needles/syringes california law

updated sat 30 sep 00


Joyce Lee on thu 28 sep 00

Is there a law in California that states that needles and syringes can
only be purchased from a pharmacy IF one has a prescription for same??
I haven't received a call-back from Sacramento yet but..........
I have called nine pharmacies over the past couple of days..... all in
southern California.... located in large cities and in small towns. Odd
experience, especially since #1 Support Person is an insulin dependent
diabetic and has purchased needles/syringes from chainstores as well as
independent drugstores in many different geographic locations of
California WITHOUT a prescription .... no problem..... no
questions asked. He was required to sign 'The Book' saying that he had
purchased them for insulin. That's it. No I.D. check.

However, when I contacted the pharmacies their spokespersons were
reluctant (politely and pleasantly so) to just give me a straight answer
to my very direct question: "May I purchase syringes and needles from
you without a prescription?" The very first one contacted, suddenly
couldn't hear me... "bad connection"... and hung up. Two said that I'd
need to come in and talk to the pharmacist; that they didn't answer
questions on the telephone (not true; they do all the time.). Several
responders held lengthy conferences with someone in the background (part
of which I could discern;obviously weren't certain as to a "correct"
response)... especially here in town where I'd identified myself and
where some still might recognize my name as a highschool
administrator... one who dealt with discipline (may have wondered if I
was checking on
something they possibly sold to a student???? don't know.... can only
guess....). Two pharmacies, one in town... the other in Orange, CA...
said that they would sell me the needles/syringes but that I'd have to
sign "The Book' saying that they were for insulin.

Seems so simple.... yes or no....

In the Mojave desert of California

Lorri on fri 29 sep 00

I purchase needles with syringes all the time. My dog has a fragmented
coronoid process for which she needs adequan shots. I got the prescription
for the adequan from my vet then purchase the adequan and the syringes on my
own from KV Vet on their 800 number. They sell a variety of needles with
syringes in about any form you wish to purchase them. Since they sell them
for all varieties of animals, including dogs, cats and horses, they have
quite a selection of needles for all different sized animals. Their phone
number is 800-423-8211. Ask them to send you a catalog. Or just visit
their web site at No affiliation with them, just know
they sell lots and lots of syringes, with and without needles. No questions
asked and no one thinking it's odd that you'd want to purchase them.
(It's for my dog..... really!)
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> Is there a law in California that states that needles and syringes can
> only be purchased from a pharmacy IF one has a prescription for same??