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clay limerick, but is it art?

updated sat 30 sep 00


Patti Yager on wed 27 sep 00

Here is my true story.

There once was a cat named Blackbeard
Who drank all the clay water he neared
His thirst was so strong
That he couldn't wait long
For the slip from the wheel to be cleared


In cold southwestern Quebec where what's left of the garden will be
finished this week

Valice Raffi on fri 29 sep 00

there was an old lady named Valice
who decided to sculpt a large chalice
but maybe it's true
that it has to be blue!
so it morphed to a giant blue phallus

now this was done without malice
said the little old lady Valice
I wanted to sell
and it rang like a bell,
it sold right quick down in Dallas

don't cry, cause I'll give you some solace
this sale didn't get me a palace
you don't have to get rude
the piece wasn't that crude
so there's really no need to get jealous


a wise Joyce lives in the Mojave
and boy, she really is savvy
she knows about clay
and knows what to say
and she doesn't do pots that are mauve-y

in Sacramento (maybe I was up too late last night!)