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teapots loose tea leaves and handles

updated wed 27 sep 00


Bill and Sylvia Shirley on tue 26 sep 00

Hey, I thought I invented the removable tea strainer! No,
seriously, I did make one once, and still have it if anybody
wants to see. Not a great teapot, but the strainer part
worked well and I always intended to do it again but haven't
yet. E me directly if you want to see a picture.

On the other teapot subject - handles, I saw a thing on TV
(Lynette Jennings?) once where this lady made baskets out of
Kudzu vines, and they were fantastic! They were very wild
and organic looking. I immediately thought Kudzu might make
a neat teapot handle. Or maybe honeysuckle vine? I imagine
there is a skill involved in that sort of thing, however.

Sylvia Shirley