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rick berman workshop

updated thu 28 sep 00


TONICLAYS@AOL.COM on tue 26 sep 00

Dear Clayarters, looking forward to a Rick Berman raku workshop sponsored by
Clay Times Magazine, October 14 and 15 in Lovettsville, Virginia. The
brochure says to bring bisque pots for the raku and also a salku firing. I
have 3 years experience raku-ing, even have my own kiln, but no experience
with salku firing. My questions for folks who have done workshops with Rick
before are: 1) was there anything else you wish you had brought with you
besides the tongs, gloves and such? 2) Any suggested reading besides
Piepenburg and Steven Branfman books? 3)For Salku would there be any good
reason to bring pots thrown from any clay body other than the same raku 239?
My clay buddies and I are very excited about the workshop and in my usual
style I "want to be prepared."Thanks for any info. TONI SMITH

Lynne at The Pottery Web on wed 27 sep 00

Toni, the only addition i can suggest for your oh-so-well prepared list is
that porcelain also works well in raku and salku. I typically use a ^5

Have fun! Rick's workshops are great!

Lynne in Atlanta where it is 49 wonderful fall degrees