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cone 10 glaze to cone 6

updated wed 27 sep 00


Susan Wallace on tue 26 sep 00

I was told that one could make a Cone 6 glaze from a Cone 10 glaze by
substituting Soda Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite (50%-50%) for the Potash
Feldspar in the Cone 10 glaze.

Thus, if the potash feldspar amount is 50, then one can substitue 25 Soda
Feldspar and 25 nepheline syenite.

I just did a bunch of glaze tests (mostly Clear glazes) using this method,
and so far they look quite good on the test tiles. Now I'll be taking the
best-looking ones and making bigger batches to see how they work on the

Susan Wallace in Grand Junction, CO

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