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white for cone 6

updated mon 25 sep 00


Heidrun Schmid on sun 24 sep 00

Hi Diane, I use a very reliable white, derived from a tenmoku recipe
given by Brian Gartside in the New Zealand Potter No.2 1990:
The glaze is measured in parts and he writes that you can use whatever
you want: cups, spoons, handfulls etc:
Borax frit 4 parts
Clay 4
Silica 2
Feldspar Potash 2
Whiting 1
Talcum 1

to this I add

Tin oxide 2 parts for my white. It gives a shiny opaque
solid white.

The glaze is reliable, does not run and matures over cone 5 to 7.
For measurement I use cups as for cooking
in Bangkok