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teapots #3

updated mon 25 sep 00


Joyce Lee on sun 24 sep 00

Liz the Willowy said:

> Here's some thoughts on teapots, I love making them, and have learned
> more from making them over the last 27 years than working on any
> other form. There are all those appendages to deal with, there is
> balance to deal with, and then there is how they look and how heavy
> they are.

Ah ha! This post really hits the mark, Meticky! Clayarters have polished
my teapot-inspiration bones to a fare-the-well the past few days, for
which I am appreciative. Now your post .... and another sent by claybud
Laura the Poet who lives with the buzzards and eagles in South Dakota
.... have completed the task. Your post is full of tips that are exactly
what I needed to hear. Learning/balance/aesthetic sense/function
are ALL of equal importance to me. I think this time I'll stick with
it....... with a little extruder work interspersed here and there.

Thank you ... Tony's right..... you ARE "Meticulously Loose" ... your
post is a definition of that descriptive label assigned to you by our

In the Mojave going for a solitary two hour stroll out in the desert on
this cooler, less windy, gorgeous day ...... will take water..... can be
lifethreatening without it ... will look for tortoise holes and
hummingbird nests........