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sheila's handles

updated tue 26 sep 00


Liz Willoughby on mon 25 sep 00

Tony Clennell said

>Why do people put those store bought cane handles on a
>perfectly good teapot? You can spot them a mile away
>Sheila just combined with Lana Wilson to do a how on
>handmade handles for Clay Times. Since then Sheilas
>handles have really gotten good.She otta do workshops-
>Get a Handle On It!!

>I was just looking at the Sept. issue of Ceramics Monthly. The
>Clennell's have an article about their web-site. For those of you
>that want to look at a wonderful handle on a teapot look it up. I'm
>not sure but I think it is the same teapot by Sheila Clennell, that
>won a juror's award at the Fusion Fireworks show, in Toronto. Wood
>fired, and a hand made handle made from strips of bamboo? Is that
>right? Anyway, the handle just suits that wood-fired teapot.(p.s.
>Tony has a picture of one of his wood-fired bottles. Also from

I also dislike the store bought bamboo handles on handmade teapots.
Much rather have a handle on the pot that is made for that teapot.
Somehow the bamboo handles are so obvious, and almost an easy way
out. I like Dannon's idea about using the bamboo handle as starting
point to create your own unique handle with grass, etc. The strange
thing is that I like bamboo handles on those little commercial
Japanese teapots. They seem to work.

But of course, it is just my opinion.

Meticulously loose Liz

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