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reed handles

updated fri 9 dec 05


mel jacobson on sun 24 sep 00

i have a note in my archives that says.
`may our crafts blend together in beauty and harmony,
your friend, fred nettleship.`

that was 1965 for an order of 25 reed handles.
fred was the father of the boys that run `cane craft` in
north east coast of england. have used them for years.
like them, think they blend very well with my tea pots.
in fact, drove up there from london one time, just to meet
the old boy. nice guy. long gone now, but a good memory.

and, who is `shiela` you have an assistant.?
does she make your mug and teapot handles?
no wonder they seem to be rather good.
janet, or mel, or unless janet weighs in at 260 pounds
of linebacker.


Scott Paulding on thu 8 dec 05


i started making woven (reed) handles a few years ago. i really like them.
i think they look a lot more appropriate for my pots tan a generic,
store-bought cane handle. i also agree that the public at large don't seem
to like them as much. it's kind of like explaining whats great about shino
to a lay-person. now imagine a reed handle on a shino pot. we're talking
loads of customer education there :).

what i'm wondering about reed handles is if the lack of mass appeal for
them is partly rooted in functional design. if you think about it, you
can't take a reed (or any other kind of rattan/binder cane, or wire)
handle off the pot w/out destroying it. and it always seems to be in the
way, when i try to pour hot H2O in the pot, or to wash the pot. i can't
put a pot w/ a reed handle through the dishwasher or in the microwave.

aesthetically speaking, they look great, but i wonder if there is some
kind of functional trade-off we can make that keeps the visual appeal of
the pot, but allows the user to remove the handle.

anyways, just thinking out loud.

-scott, in seattle, wa

"Do you realize...that happiness makes you cry?"
-The Flaming Lips

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