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newsletter, sept, 2000

updated tue 26 sep 00


Clayart China on sun 24 sep 00

CLAYART CHINA, September 2000, Vol. 14.

"CLAYART CHINA" is a newsletter emailed monthly to professional artists,
curators, collectors, writers, experts, educators and students in the
ceramic field, who want to know about ceramic art in China and things
related. This newsletter will be a bridge between China and Western
countries for the ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
(Copyright 2000, The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA. All rights

The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA
P.O. Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088, USA
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756
Chief Editor: Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
English Editor: Deborah Bouchette

This is the first anniversary of The CLAYGROUND,
the ceramic art studio and school in Silicon Valley, California.
During the first year, we hosted "The Clay Work Exhibition of Teachers and
Students of San Jose State University" and "The San Francisco Bay Area
Chinese Children's Clay Work Competition"; plus we held six-week ceramic
summer camps for the YMCA, and we associated with two other Chinese schools
and taught classes there. Our students ranged from 4-year-old kids to all
ages, from housewives to high tech engineers, from native born American to
new immigrants from China, India, Japan, Korea and many other nations.
As the director of Clayground, I would like to express my thanks to my
former partner. During the past year, she brought the idea of holding
birthday parties, and put a lot of effort into the business. I wish she have
a good life and a great career in her new location.
Ceramic Art Studio and School
1253 Kentwood Ave. San Jose, CA 95129
Tel. 408-343-3919 (daytime).
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 1 pm - 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 11 am - 5 pm. Please call
us for additional classes schedule.
About the director and owner:
The Clayground began as a partnership, but starting in early September 2000,
Guangzhen "Po" Zhou became the director and owner. Please check his website:
* We offer classes for both children and adults for self expression and
* We offer small group classes with flexible schedules and you may join the
class any time.
* We offer after school, weekend, birthday party, and summer camp programs
for children seven days a week, plus evening classes for adults.
* We take all students 5 years old and up.
* We teach hand building techniques such as pinch, coil and slab
construction, press molding, wheel throwing, decorating, and glazing
* We teach both functional vessel forms and non-functional sculpture based
on individual motivation.
* We fire in oxidation up to 2,000 degrees F.
* We are professional clay art instructors.
Celebrate your birthday party at our studio or at your home. Kids use their
own imagination to create 3-dimensional art works, which become colorful
glaze fired ceramic pieces for permanent memory (allow two weeks for pick

>Kaolin Society of Ceramic Arts
218 First East Road, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, P. R. China
(inside Ming and Qing Garden of Jingdezhen City)
Tel. 86-798-8441239
At the hometown of Kaolin, Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain, there is an
active learned society of ceramic arts named the "Kaolin Society of Ceramic
Arts." The society has not only regional character, but also international
character, enjoying high reputation at home and abroad.
It was founded in 1994 with 150 members. Among them, 40% of the artists are
professors, greater masters of arts and crafts, and most of them are local
(Jingdezhen) artists with high professional ranks. The society also recruits
new members from Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and
Liaoning, and also internationally such as from the U.S. and Korea.
The society has sponsored or organized many exhibitions of China's modern
ceramic art, international ceramic art symposiums, and international summer
schools; and is involved with many exchange activities, such as several
kinds of ceramic arts exhibitions and research projects, including study
classes held at home and abroad.
The society also established the first museum of modern ceramic arts in
Jingdezhen and continues to contribute to the development of ceramic arts
and the promotion of ceramic art creation. The society stresses carrying
forward traditions as well as developing Chinese modern ceramic arts by
bringing forth new ideas into their artistic creation. To this end, the
society supports having a foothold in Chinese culture as well as learning
from foreign cultural strong points, encourages artists' talents regardless
of their ages, and acknowledges the existence of different schools and

>Contemporary Australian Ceramics in Hong Kong
September 6-21, 2000
For detailed information, please contact:
The Pottery Workshop, The Fringe, 2 Lower Albert Road, Hong Kong
Tel. 852-2525-7949, Fax. 852-2525-7091,

Newsletter From the committee of Shanghai Art Fair
It is that time of the year again! The Art Fair is here! This year, the Art
Fair has 8000 sq. meter. of selected artwork including Contemporary,
Avant-Garde, Traditional styles with different medium such as oil painting,
water and ink, water color, sculpture and photography etc.. Organized by
Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of
Culture, Shanghai Art Fair is one of the most prestigious art events in
China. It has become a catalyst for the development of the China art scene
and it is now in its fourth year. The Fair features about 110 of China's
leading art galleries and many international galleries. It provides an arena
to see and buy work from the well-known artists and to discover young,
talented Chinese artists.
At Shanghai Art Fair 2000, we can look forward to some very well-known
artists works such as Picasso, Rodin, Chagall, Rapin, Zhang Daqian, Qi
Baishi, Fu Baoshi, Xu Beihong, Li Keran etc.. On the contemporary front,
there are works from Zhou Tiehai, ZENG Fangzhi, GUO Jin, He Sen, YUE Mingjun
and many others. The international participants include Galerie de France,
SERCA gallery, Andrea in France, Chinese Arts Center in England, Berengo
Fine Arts Glass Furnace & Gallery from Italy, Galeria Joan Guaita Art in
Spain, The Pictorial Bardon Group in Argentina, IT Art Museum in Japan,
Hwa¡¯s Gallery, YiBo Gallery, ShanghART in Shanghai, Courtyard Gallery, Red
Gate Gallery, Chunxia-hanmo Gallery, A & Y in Beijing, Dong Yu Museum of
Fine Arts in Shenyang, Yue Bao Zhai in Dalian etc..
Successfully held for last year, EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW CHARITY EVENING will also
be on stage on the eve of the official opening (3rd November evening).
Guests will have the first-hand opportunity to view and buy these artwork as
well as meeting the artists and gallery owners. This is a wine reception
and proceeds from this Charity Gala Evening will go The Shanghai Sunrise
Charity program (The funds will mainly be used for the educational needs of
poor children in Shanghai).
It certainly will be an exciting week at the Art Fair! See you there!

Exclusive Preview Charity Evening
Nov.3,2000, 7:30pm--9:30pm
Art Dealer Participants:
[France] Galeria de France
[Britain] Chinese Arts Center
[Spain] Galeria Joan Guaita Art
[Italy] Berengo Fine Arts Glass Furnace & Gallery
[Argentina] The Pictorial Bardon Group
[Japan] IT Art Museum
[USA] The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA
[Beijing] Red Gate Gallery
CourtYard Gallery
ChunXia-Hanmo Art Gallery
A & Y Studio
[Shanghai] Hwa's Gallery
Eastlink Gallery
Yi Bo Gallery
J . Gallery
[Xiameng] Hong Bao Zhai
[Shenyang] Dong Yu Art Museum
[Dalian] Yue Bao Zhai
(This is not a completed list)
For detailed information, please contact Ms. Sunny Wang at
8621-62266463 or 8621-62253571 by fax

>Four members of ACGA who participating the American Clay Art Works in
>Shanghai Art Fair, 2000, their names are: Barbara Brown, Bill Geisinger,
>Laura Zindel and Guangzhen Zhou.

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