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live teapots!!

updated mon 25 sep 00


Hank Murrow on sat 23 sep 00

Joyce wrote;

>My mailbox is full of wonderful suggestions for teapots. My concern is
>that I personally do
>not LIKE my teapots because they have no LIFE. What I want is technically
>correct teapots that BREATHE....

Dear Joyce:
I have found that with teapots as well as other forms which one makes
'parts' for and then assembles________ the trick is to learn to throw forms
which in themselves are clumsy; but when put together have life. In fact, I
think now that this is the Main Trick. When I load up a couple of boards
with some really clumsy(appearing) forms, I know I'm gonna have a lot of
fun seeing the character emerge as I assemble them into teapots. Try to see
them this way and let us know if it makes a difference, Hank