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ian currie workshop.............afterthoughts

updated wed 27 sep 00


DeLana Hornbeck on mon 25 sep 00

I am still in a state of euphoria after a weekend with Ian Currie =
learning how to develop and read glazes,with much more clarity then ever =
i thought could be. He is such a gracious and patient teacher, and =
presents the information with such simplicity that even participants who =
had never worked with glazes before came away starry-eyed ! =20
If any of you are wondering if this is something you should do, and are =
lucky enough to be able to catch one of the remaining workshop on this =
year's tour, go for it ! You will forever be glad that you did ! =20
This message has to be short, 'cause I'm off to make glaze tests! =20
DeLana =20
in Pa. where it feels like winter's coming

Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on tue 26 sep 00

I second DeLana's comments. His grid method provides a framework to put
your glazes in context and compare them and understand more about them. It
was like getting a map after driving at random around the countryside. I
have glaze software, and I have done a lot of reading and a lot of looking
at the chemical analyses of the glazes, so I wasn't starting from ground 0 -
maybe from 1.5! But just two days clarified so much for me.

Also, his second book, Revealing Glazes Using the Grid Method, is excellent.
I would recommend starting with that one, and then going back to his first
book after doing a few test sets with the Revealing book.

If you are patient, and do well following directions, you could learn the
method from the book. But a workshop makes it painless and fun!

(also in PA, and agreeing with DeLana about the winter)