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fw: hamer and hamer re: whiting v woolastonite

updated mon 25 sep 00


philrogers pottery on sun 24 sep 00

To all or at least some of those on Clayart,

For all of you who are unsure of the chemistry of Ceramics, discussion =
of faults and the reasons why they occur. For those who want clear, =
concise and full explanation of almost every thing that you will need to =
know with regard to day to day questions- myself included. - Buy Frank =
and Janet Hamers book, The Potters Dictionary of Materials and =
Techniques. pub. A&C Black. It is my bible and could cut the number of =
posts to this list by half!!

To Alisa and Claus,
Woolastonite contains a percentage of silica, it is a calcium silicate. =
Therefore it is not a straight sub. You will need to reduce the silica =
contribution. My memory suggests 5% but perhaps someone else can tell =

Phil Rogers.

Phil and Lynne Rogers,
Lower Cefn Faes,
Powys. LD6 5LT.
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