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stool/seating/raising wheel

updated sun 24 sep 00


Veena Raghavan on fri 22 sep 00

I want to thank everyone, who was kind enough to reply to my post
and to give me their advice about seating, stools, and raising the wheel. I
think, after reading everyone's advice, and not having a handy husband, who
can build things (can't do it myself either!), I am going to try to raise
the wheel on wooden blocks, or bricks and blocks. A platform, as Marvin
suggested and one which Susan Fox Hirschman showed me, sounds and looks
ideal, but building it is a problem. Regarding the stool, I seem to spend
my weekends going to sales, so will look for a padded bench (as Vince
suggested) or something like that, or will look into an adjustable office
chair. I have found, some have said, that tilting the seat forward is
really a good position, so tilt it I will.

Thanks again, and I hope everyone is going to have a great Fall

All the best.


Veena Raghavan