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snobby blue glaze recipes cone 5/6 ox

updated fri 22 sep 00


Andie Carpenter on thu 21 sep 00

I have gotten several emails requesting the recipes I mentioned in my
"Blue Snobbism" reply. Well, the red and yellow is my own glaze, and I'd
like to keep it to myself a bit longer. The lime green I buy pre-mixed
from Spectrum glazes, available online at Many
of these glazes are available to view on my webpage, under portfolio (be
forewarned, you need java to view). They are all cone 5/6, all fired in
oxidation. The others are listed below. Good luck, please let me know if
you try them, and enjoy!

: ) Andie Carpenter
Handful of Earth Pottery

Ron Roy's Sapphire Blue Revised
(I call this Ron Roy's Moody Sapphire, because this glaze has attitude
EPK 26
3134 37
Feldspar 16
Silica Flint 17
Strontium Carb 4
Rutile 4.5
Cobalt Carb 2.5

Janet DeBoos Teal Blue
(listed as food safe on the Frog Pond Pottery web site)
Neph Sye 300
Silica 210
Whiting 80
3134 100
Ball Clay 310
Tin Oxide 20
Copper Carb 10

Deep Violet Midnight Blue
(this glaze will go very funky and matte if under or over fired)
Soda Feldspar 38.5
Silica Flint 24.2
Gerstley Borate 29.7
EPK 4.3
Talc 1.1
Dolomite 2.2
Bentonite 1.4
Cobalt Carbonate 2.9
Manganese Dioxide 5

Val's Turquoise
(I love this glaze but have taken to buying Spectrum's pre-mixed
turquoise because it's so much more dependable for me)
Custer Feldspar 27.60
Gerstley Borate 16.90
Silica Flint 21.30
Dolomite 2.90
Whiting 8.80
Bentonite .80
Copper Carb 2.30

: ) Andie Carpenter