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glaze test for turquoise cone 6 reduction.

updated sat 23 sep 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 22 sep 00

Source: Marcia Selsor, Montana, USA
Tested on light grey medium range stoneware, fired at 1220c OXIDATION. =
61,27 Neph. Syn.
31,94 Storntium Carb.
2,47 Silica
2,85 Copper carb.
14,7 Lithium carb.
description:smooth mat glaze.

32,0 Barium carb. for 31,94 Strontium Carb.
All amounts were brought up to next highest whole decimal.

This is my prize test.
Glaze is a hard, dry matt with color nuances ranging from toast brown on =
the edges and where thin.
Over test vessel outer wall, colors are brown on high areas of throwing =
rings, grey turquoise in lower areas,
and a lighter grey turquoise under rim.

Inside, glaze has all the same colors as outside, but with patches of =
bright turquoise in the bottom under the rim.
and scattered on the walls.

This is the glaze in my pallet that makes all the tests worth the =

I know, it contains both lithium and barium, so I am using it for =
DECORATIVE bowls I make that need a "fjord" inside for the
starfish, mussles, etc.=20

This glaze a really good feel.=20

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark