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glaze test for green, cone 5-9 oxidation

updated sat 23 sep 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 22 sep 00

Source: Clayart Archives =20
Tested on light grey mid range stoneware, fired to 1220c. oxidation
49 Gerstely Borate
19 EPK
32 Silica
2 Soda ash
2 Chrome oxide
1 Colb. ox.
Deep pine green shiny with a slightly teal cast. Opaque and covered =
evenly over rim. Unoticeable difference where double dipped.

I personally like the color and texture very much and hope that despite =
the nearly 50% G.B, we can work out this receipe with a sub.
or use a different base with the same colorants.
Best regards,=20
Alisa in Denmark