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firing chickens and "ash pots"

updated sun 24 sep 00


Kelly on sat 23 sep 00

I kill and clean my own back yard chickens, having an aversion to the
health and cruelty of factory farmed, drug laden meat. Kurt, I can
attest to two things: chicken intestines can clear a room in a hurry,
though once they're out of the way my kids like to poke amongst the
other parts (homeschool anatomy lesson.) Also: Burning feathers have
a nauseating stench that tends to linger... I would like to try
dannon's version, but wonder how you time such a thing. I've been
known to cook a chicken all to pieces in an ordinary oven!

I have, however, heard from native american friends that a trout
baked up in clay is quite a treat. If nothing else the opened "pot"
would make a heck of an interesting mold...

I'm having a blast making stuff for the christmas craft fair,
thinking about "what sells" for a while instead of "what's good". My
neighbor asked me to make a lidded pot for her stained glass studio
that says "ashes of bad customers". I have seen similar pots in craft
fairs (secret dreams, ashes of old lovers, etc.) and wonder if
anybody wanted to share their favorite "labels" for novelty jars of
that sort. On list or off, it's up to you. (and the mayor of course.)

Yours, Kelly in Ohio... (no poetic ravens here but my favorite, safe-
from-the-crockpot laying hens gossipping by the garden fence... my
apologies to the veggies on the list for this whole topic...)

P.S. as one of the least skilled potters in a workshop in vince's
studio, I was happy to find one room with against-the-wall wheels
where I could make and scrap about 60 pounds of pots the first few
days without an audience. But when I moved to the "facing wheels"
room, I learned a lot by watching potters all around me doing cool
stuff I'd never thought of. One thing I learned is that they all made
mistakes, not just me. Another is that none of them were smug about
being better potters: on the contrary, they went out of their way to
help me master new skills. Still do, via the internet.

P.S. again: enjoyed a nice, polite, thought provoking off-list debate
last night over the whole Nike thing. I don't think "get over it" is
any more useful to offended adults than it is to timid students...