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e-commerce for artists

updated wed 20 sep 00


Wesley C. Rolley on tue 19 sep 00

>From Open Studios...
Guide to E-Commerce
Many artists and arts organizations are interested in using e-commerce to
sell tickets to events or to sell art work online. Created by the Catherwood
Library at the School of Industrial & Labor Relations, Cornell University,
the "Guide to E-commerce" is geared toward novices and offers basic
information on E-commerce. Along with general sites about E-commerce from a
variety of commercial and academic sources, the guide also contains links to
international e-commerce information sites, legal resources, US government
sites, and online news and journals. Open Studio trainers can use this
"Guide to E-Commerce" as a reference when helping artists and arts
organizations researching E-commerce options for their Web sites. Visit
this resource at: