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cone6 reduction

updated sun 17 sep 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sat 16 sep 00

Dear Chris,
Please look in the archives 11 May 2000 under
Marcia's ^6 reduction Glazes/MSU-Billings

Marcia Selsor very kindly posted many of her studio's glaze receipes. =
She is off the list for the moment,=20
but will return and she is a wealth of information and wonderful =

There you will find 14 glazes for 6 reduction, plus many colorant =

I have tested them all at oxidation and most of those results you can =
find also in the archives
under Glaze test for... If you need more help please feel free to post =
to my private add.=20

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

J102551@AOL.COM on sat 16 sep 00

Hi Chris, I love your web site, beautiful work. I fire at ^8 Oxy and I use
some glazes that were formulated for cone six. If you add 10% silica you can
raise the firing temp one cone. As with things ceramic this is a gross
generalization. I have had results from fabulous to yucky. You know how
that goes. And TTT. Jeri in Hastings, MN