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chicken in clay

updated sun 24 sep 00


Loraxwoods@AOL.COM on sat 23 sep 00

One of my students discovered a recipe for cooking chicken in clay in an old
Ceramics Monthly. So when we did a pit firing she brought along the fixings.
She had a clean bird, sprinkled with some salt and pepper and then wrapped
it in strips of bacon. Then wrapped the chicken with several layers of
aluminum foil. Then we took whatever clay was handy and slapped ii on rather
thickly. This was placed in the pit with the pots and the sawdust and wood
put around it. We kept the fire going with flames for a good two hours and
the smells of the cooking chicken finally told us it was done. We could hear
the juices simmering in the vessel. It was tricky to remove it because it
was the only piece to be removed from the pit. It took two people with raku
tongs. Some of the clay broke away during the transport. But the chicken
was fantastic. The pots turned out well also!

Nora in Miami