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updated tue 19 sep 00


Melissa Carpenter on mon 18 sep 00

I woke this Monday am feeling a little blue. Today was the first day
after a wonderful weekend workshop at R&T's Creative Oasis in State
College, PA led by our friend Mel Jacobson... I wish it had not ended.
This was such a wonderful weekend I wanted to share some thoughts. First,
to Mel... Thanks. With out a doubt you have touched our lives... so our
pots and our lives will be better for it. Second, to the workshop
participants, I really enjoyed meeting everyone. To get out of the
studio and experience this kind of exchange is priceless. Mel's
interest in reaching all of us no matter what our level or experience is
such a gift. I believe that in clay learning readiness plays a large
roll in when we "get it". But, the important thing is to continue to
expose ourselves to the process when we can. Even if you are struggling
to throw a 3 lb. bowl it is important to watch and learn about large
forms or complex forms. The information is not lost if you are not at
that stage, but stored and retrieved when we are at a point to
incorporate it. So I encourage everyone to look for and take advantage
of workshops and the chance to get together with other clay people. I
return now to my studio refreshed and energized to try the different
techniques that Mel shared, but also to reflect back on and replay the
exchange that took place and I will smile.

Thanks again,
Melissa Carpenter
Claytime Studio
State College, PA