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[none] -- lets call this pit firing...................

updated thu 21 sep 00


Anji Henderson on tue 19 sep 00

Well in this line of buisness not only do you have to
be creative but sometimes you have to be creativly
resourceful... Look up a camp site and rent a tent
site.... Ask them what there cooking area is like..
Play dumb untill they explain it in detail... Usually
it is part of a steel drum on a cement block or fire
brick (like at the place I go) then get there good and
early at least as early as they'll let you, and by the
late to late late evening you should be done.....
Tada.. One day rental is usually around $10.. Maybe NY
it is more but I am sure not by much...


> heres my situation: I just finished working the
> whole summer pitfiring my
> work and now that i am consumed with ideas i have
> nowhere to fire! i had

Good art does not have to match your sofa!!

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