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styrofoam peanut packing tips

updated fri 15 sep 00


michael wendt on thu 14 sep 00


Could anyone help me with some ideas for packaging pottery for mailing?

Use styrofoam loose fill but be aware the reason for migration is most =
people use too little. I double box and jam the peanuts tight enough to =
bulge the box.
For vases, I cut a sheet of cardboard the size of the box bottom, put 1 =
layer of peanuts in the bottom of the box, then place the sheet of =
cardboard with the vase lip down on it in the box. This keeps styro out =
of the vase and provides a shear plane that makes the box harder to =
crush. Ram the box as full as possible with styro and squeeze the =
bulging box shut to tape it. Finally, a second box guarantees your item =
will arrive in one piece if you pack the smaller box inside the larger =
one tightly.
regards, Michael Wendt