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plate colour.

updated fri 15 sep 00


Liz Willoughby on wed 13 sep 00


Think of tenmoku glazed Japanese plates with sushi and fish on them.
Think of cold asparagus, green salads, white rice, carrots, on a
tenmoku plate.

I've got a bunch of Ron Roy tenmoku plates, and food on them looks stunning.

White is good, but black is really classy.

And I use them!

As for what sells, frankly the general public's taste is appalling.
(Bet that gets some responses.) They mostly like painted flowers or
melmac for eating on.
People who love handmade pots, have their own preference, but I would
be willing to bet, that a lot of potters love eating off tenmoku

Meticulously loose Liz

Getting ready for a studio tour this week-end. And that moon tonight
is also a bit of joy.

>Ron Roy posted

Martin Howard posted

>Am I right in thinking that you consider black to be a better background for
>food than white?
>Chefs over here seem to prefer white. An article in the latest Ceramic
>Review confirms that.
>Our discussion of wide rims on plates was on the assumption that the white
>rim shows off the colour of the food.
>I would love to change the mind of the eating public to vegetarian food,
>served on green platters without rims. But the meat eating majority would
>still like to see their red meat on clinical white plates, wouldn't they?
>What actually sells, at present? And where is public taste going?

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