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hank murrow/ ian's curries glaze workshop and the divine nut loaf

updated thu 14 sep 00


Stephen C. Lathrop on wed 13 sep 00

Hank Murrow had noted his great success with the Ian Glaze workshop last week.
He mentioned not only did they learn about glazes but tasted Ian's Divine
Nut loaf cake listed in his new book.

Also as a Co-Host of a workshop I suddenly realized I will have to provide some
culinary sustenance while he is here and I don't cook. I can only burn water
and that is only done in my kiln... ER go I went into panic mode.

I thought can't let the man starve while he is hear. So what to do..

I send him a quick 'Please forgive' note and give polite excuses.
Figure we will be eating out a lot. Well so I thought.

But, seems now from his reply I not only will I learn about Glazes from Ian but
I will be luck cause I will learn how to make and bake a Divine Nut loaf cake.
So the PANIC is over. .

It is always such a pleasure to be with clay people... Now I can be twice as

Steve in PA USA