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Look for John W. Conrad=92s book on Contemporary Ceramic Techniques, Ch =
4. Prentice Hall. NJ.1979. ISBN 0-13-169540-1. He gives a recipe which =
contains raw salt and soda ash. Warns that it can cause interference =
with nearby pots. Otherwise get into the ACS archives. There are several =
papers dated back about 1896. Anyone who is serious about salt needs to =
search forward in Chemical abstracts for about 1894 to 1943. This period =
covered the heyday of industrial salt glazing. Russian readers could =
have a whale of a time searching the Russian patents files. There is =
also the German stuff as well. As some one said recently, studio potters =
seem to ignore valuable industrial resources. Yet without them we would =
be marginalised to pin prick.

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia